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The Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Size Rug For Your Living Room

If you are looking to purchase a new rug for your home, you may wonder what size best fits your space. It’s a common question and one that requires careful consideration. The right size rug can bring a room together and make it feel high end and luxurious,  while the wrong size can disrupt the balance of the room. This guide will provide all the information you need to choose the perfect size rug for your living room.

Why Properly Sizing Your Living Room Rug Is Important

Selecting the right size rug for a living room is important because it can significantly impact the overall look of the space. A rug that is too-small can make a room feel cluttered and disjointed, while a rug that is too-large can overpower the furniture and make the room feel unbalanced. 

The right size rug will enhance the room’s overall design, pulling together the furniture and accessories to create a cohesive look. It’s also essential to choose a proportionate size for the room and the furniture, as this will help create a sense of harmony and flow.

Overall, the right size rug can transform outdoor and indoor from feeling incomplete to feeling like a finished, polished space.


Accurately measuring your living room is important in choosing the right size rug. Here are some tips for correctly measuring your living room rug:

  1. Measure the length and width of the room. This will give you an idea of the overall size of the space and help you determine what living room rug size will be proportionate.
  2. Evaluate the layout of the room and the placement of the living room furniture. Measure the distance between pieces of furniture, such as between the couch and coffee table or between the chairs and the entertainment center. This will help you determine the rug size needed to fit the furniture and create a cohesive look.
  3. Take into account the size of the furniture and how it will sit on the rug. A too-small rug can make the furniture look disproportionate, while a rug that is too large can make the furniture look too small.
  4. Consider the size of the walkways in the room. You’ll want to ensure enough space for people to walk around comfortably without stepping on the rug’s edges.
  5. Measure any doorways or entryways the rug will need to pass through to ensure that it will fit through them properly.

By accurately measuring your living room and considering these factors, you can choose a rug that is the perfect size for your space.

Size Options

Several options exist when choosing the rug size for your living room. Here are some standard rug sizes to consider:


A small rug, typically 5×8 feet or smaller, is a good option for a small living room or a space with minimal furniture. It can be used to define a seating area or to add a pop of color to a corner of the room.


A medium-sized rug, typically 8×10 or 9×12 feet, is a versatile option that can work in various living room layouts. It’s large enough to anchor a seating area and provide a cohesive look but not so large that it overwhelms the space.


A large rug, typically 12×15 feet or larger, is a good choice for a spacious living room or an open-concept floor plan. It can anchor the furniture and create a defined area within the room.


Consider custom sizing if you can’t find a perfect rug for your living room. Many rug retailers offer custom sizing options, allowing you to get a rug that fits your space perfectly.

Tips For Picking The Right Size Rug For Your Living Room

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right size rug for your living room:

Experiment With Different Sizes

Experimenting with different sizes is a great way to determine the right rug for your living room. By using painter’s tape or newspaper to mark out the dimensions of different sizes, you can get a better sense of how the rugs will look in the space and how they will fit with the layout and placement of all the furniture. This can help you make an informed decision and choose a size that will work best for your living room. Remember that you may need to rearrange the furniture or adjust the room layout to get the best fit.

Consider The Shape Of Living Room Rugs

In addition to size, the shape of a rug can also impact the overall look and feel of a living room decor. When choosing a rug, it’s important to consider the shape that will work best for your space and decoration. Here are some common rug shapes to consider:

  • Rectangle: A rectangle-shaped rug is a classic, versatile option that can work in various living room layouts.
  • Round: A round rug can add a soft, organic touch to small living rooms and bedroom rugs.
  • Square: A square rug can provide a sense of symmetry and balance to a living room and can be a good choice for smaller spaces or to define a specific area.
  • Runner: A runner-shaped larger rug is long and narrow, making it a good choice for hallways or to define a specific area within a large living room.
  • Custom: Consider custom sizing if you can’t find a rug in the desired shape. Many rug retailers offer custom sizing options, allowing you to get a rug in the shape that best fits your space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match

Mixing and comparing different sizes and shapes of rugs can significantly add interest and personality to a living room. This can be especially effective in open-concept spaces or rooms with multiple seating areas. Mix and match sizes to create visual interest and define different areas within the room. For example, you might use a sizable rectangle-shaped rug to anchor a seating area and smaller round rugs to define a reading nook.

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If you’re ready to choose the perfect size rug for your living room, consider shopping with Bloomsburg Carpets. With a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from and custom sizing options, you can find a rug that fits your space and style perfectly.

With the help of Bloomsburg Carpets, you can find a high-quality, stylish rug that enhances your space’s overall look and feel. Start shopping for custom rugs and transform your living room into a cohesive, polished space

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