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6 Tips for Decorating with Rugs

Rugs don’t always get the praise they deserve, but they play a huge role in the overall atmosphere and style of your home. Not only are they functional and stylish, but they say a lot about your personality and taste in decor. If you are in the market for some high-end rugs, make sure you make a plan for how you intend to use them. Consider our favorite 6 tips for decorating with rugs.

6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Decorating with Rugs

You might be thinking, “What more do I need to know besides lay down the rug and go on my way?” Since rugs naturally draw the eye, you can use them to the advantage of your home’s theme and layout. We recommend that you apply the following tips when purchasing and laying a rug.

1. Use your rugs as natural room divisions.

The way you position your rugs says a lot about the natural division and intention of each room. For example, if you wish to combine several living spaces, laying a rug that overlaps on either side of the threshold tricks the eye into seeing it as one space. On the other hand, if you are working with a small space (such as a studio apartment), you can use rugs to emphasize each wall as being a different “room” (office, living space, etc.).

2. Make a statement with an eye-drawing style or pattern.

Often, homeowners overlook rugs as being the focal point of the room. However, like curtains and throw pillows, they can often work as a versatile statement piece in any room. Choose a bright pop of color or a unique pattern, pair it with neutral colors and furniture, and create a unique focal point.

3. Change your rugs with the seasons.

One of the many benefits of decorating with rugs is their everlasting versatility. No matter what season, color palette, or holiday you are in, you can sweep one rug off the floor and replace it with another. Unlike your permanent flooring, the colors and patterns of your rugs can be seasonal.

4. Play around with the shapes and sizes.

Another fun way to please the eye is to use multiple rugs of various shapes and sizes. Place an oval rug under a rectangular table, or a hexagonal rug under a circular chair. Don’t be afraid to spread a large rug over hardwood or even your carpet. Like color, a variety of shapes and sizes will draw the eye.

5. Complement or contrast with the flooring – you choose!

You can use your rugs to either tone down or spice up the color palette as well as to complement or contrast the flooring. Control the atmosphere and style of the room with the flooring. If you want to tone down the room’s colors, select a neutral rug that blends in with the flooring and other decor. If you want to dress things up, choose a rug in stark contrast with the flooring underneath.

6. Invest in outdoor rugs for both style and function.

Don’t forget about your home’s exterior! Outdoor rugs provide an element of warmth and style to your outdoor spaces. You can even use them to seamlessly integrate the inside of your home with the inside, creating a communal entertainment space.

The Importance of Quality

Of course, part of the appeal of a good rug is its quality. There is a huge difference between a high-quality, well-made rug and a carelessly manufactured rug. To provide your home an element of luxury and indulgence, invest in a well-made rug that will last you for years to come.

In Need of a Luxury Rug?

At Bloomsburg Carpet, we pride ourselves on producing environmentally sustainable, beautiful, high-end rugs and carpets of all types and materials. Whether you are a homeowner searching for a luxury rug or a business owner looking to improve your building, we can help. Contact us for assistance regarding either commercial or residential carpeting.

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