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The Benefits of Buying Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Carpets with multi-use possibilities continue to gain popularity due to their numerous benefits. They now receive as much attention as tile or hardwood flooring. These indoor/outdoor rugs are also now available in a multitude of elegant designs.

Maximize the purpose of new rugs for your home, office, or business by moving them from indoors to outdoors. There are many benefits to purchasing indoor/outdoor rugs instead of conventional material rugs.

High Quality Outdoor Rugs by Silver Creek Carpet

What is an Indoor/Outdoor Rug?

An indoor/outdoor rug is a durable, versatile rug that can either be placed within the home or outside on a patio. Its tough (yet beautiful) design allows it to hold up against foot traffic, weight, and weather. Many homeowners love using indoor/outdoor rugs as both decor and as protection for their flooring or pavement.

What Are the Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Rugs?

The benefits of these multi-functional indoor/outdoor rugs include the following.

  • Easy Installation

Most of these rugs are machine-made and lightweight, so they have excellent mobility and can be folded easily. The simple installation process involves purchasing one and laying it down wherever you desire.

  • Durability

Contrary to the traditional fabric-made indoor rugs, this type of rug features rubber and other durable plastics that withstand weather conditions. Due to their material, they are waterproof, assuring you of the best possible use and long life.

For example, Silver Creek Carpet’s indoor-outdoor products are woven with 100% UV Stabilized Polypropylene yarn. The carpet will not fade in sunlight, and the yarn makes it much softer than other indoor-outdoor rugs, such as ones made with jute.

Silver Creek’s Castaway Collection features high performance woven carpet that provides a UV stabilized, weather-and-wear-resistant soft flooring product for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This durable polypropylene carpet is manufactured in 12-foot width and can be produced into rugs using our in-house rug fabrication services.

  • Value

Our indoor/outdoor rugs are more durable and long-lasting, yet they would cost you the same price or even less than low-quality competitors. In the long run, the investment saves you money on replacements.

  • Versatility

No matter where you place them, indoor/outdoor rugs will look beautiful and add a cozy, homey feel anywhere you place them.

How Can Bloomsburg Carpet Help?

Our team of certified professionals wants to see you create your dream home. The perfect carpeting or rug addition is just the ticket to help with that. Contact us today to find the best deals for your preferred indoor/outdoor rug or made in America carpet. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

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