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Weave Structures

Axminster, Velvet, Wilton

Bloomsburg is the only mill in this country that can provide three weaves, Axminster, Velvet, and Wilton all under one roof, thus offering its clients a great deal of flexibility. The design studio also continues to challenge technology by creating innovative patterns and weaving structures that correspond with current trends. Because of our strict adherence to only top quality standards, Bloomsburg manufactures exclusively woven carpets. Our stock lines include wools, wool/nylon blends, and 100% nylons.

Axminster Weave

Gripper-Jacquard axminster looms provide color flexibility of up to 12 colors.

This gives the axminster weave great versatility, thereby making it one of the best options for hotels and hospitality contract carpeting.

At Bloomsburg Carpet we are always looking to provide faster service without sacrificing quality, leading us to equip our looms with modern jacquard abilities. This update grants the end user the capability to make unlimited design pattern choices.

As the loom is operated, the yarn is trimmed and clamped into brackets (gripper). Each tuft is then lowered and inserted into the carpet face. The tufts are placed between the warp threads and bound tightly by the weft.

PLEASE NOTE **All Axminster products are indicated by an A in our SKU catalog**

Velvet Weave

The Single and Double Beam looms are the least complex of Bloomsburg’s specialized looms. That simplicity allows for some of our most time tested and beautiful products.

A Single Beam loom generally is used for making solid-colored carpets, while a Double Beam loom allows for more color and pattern versatility.

The pile, or face yarn is fed into the loom from one (Single Heddle) or two beams (Double Heddle), each holds as many yarn ends (1152), as there are tufts across the width of the carpet. As the yarn passes along the loom, the pile loops over wires which are mechanically inserted back and forth across the width or weft of the loom. The height of the wire determines the height of the loop. Utilizing different wire heights, sequences of cut and round wires, pattern design and texture is created.

PLEASE NOTE **All Velvet products are indicated by a V in our SKU catalog**

Wilton Weave

The Wilton Weave construction is the most versatile & unique weave structure.

Wilton carpets are capable of ‘all cut’, ‘all loop’ or a combination of the two textures.

Bloomsburg produces Wilton Weaves in a variety of pitch densities, and offers electronic jacquard abilities in this department to grant the end user unlimited design options!

Wilton carpets are pile carpets whereby the pile is formed by inserting wires in the pile warps of the carpet. After extraction of the wires the pile is looped (in case straight wires have been used) or cut (in case cutting wires are used). Because the yarn is buried on the back and only lifted when a specific color is needed, it gives the wilton product more body, resilience, and great quality.

PLEASE NOTE **252 (Full Pitch) products are indicated by a W & 216 (Special Pitch) products are indicated by an SP in our SKU catalog**