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Frequently Asked Questions


Most of our products are made in our Bloomsburg, PA facility. All of our in-stock products are made in the USA.

Most Bloomsburg products are certified Green Label Plus. Look for the Green Label.

Contact the Bloomsburg representative in your area. Please see our Agents page to locate the one closest to you.

Contact the Customer Service department in our Bloomsburg office at 570.784.9188

Specific information is available on our Cleaning & Maintenance page – please see Immediate Spot Removal and the Spot Removal Chart. However, as a general rule, dry cleaning products such as Capture®, Host® and Wool Clean® may be used. For larger commercial applications, low moisture methods like Whittaker have proven to work well when properly applied.

In most cases, a suction only canister vacuum is best to prevent excess pilling and fuzzing on loop pile and cut & loop pile carpets. However, if this type is not available, set the vacuum so that the brush is farthest away from the surface of the carpet. For more information please read the Regular Vacuuming page on the Resources tab.

The best padding for most applications is either a 40-oz. synthetic felt or high-density solid rubber pad, such as Tred-Mor or an equivalent.

Note: Soft pads such as most Rebound pads should be avoided.

An order can be specified as a “expedited” for a cost of $125. This guarantees the rug will ship out within 3 business days from the date of the order (assuming the carpet is in stock).

BLOOMSBURG CARPET INDUSTRIES, INC. warrants from manufacturing defects for two years when its carpet is installed and maintained in accordance with the accepted industry standards, subject to the following Limitations: The warranty does not cover tears, burns, cuts, or damage due to excessive pivoting; or other damage due to improper use, the application of improper cleaning agents or maintenance methods, or carpet installed on stairs.

*Warranty does NOT cover or imply protection against matting, pooling, shading, color change or other characteristics of aesthetics or appearance retention*

Tuva Bloomsburg – Nylon 10 Year Limited Warranty

Limited Ten-Year Fiber Loss From Abrasive Wear Warranty

“Fiber loss from abrasive wear” is defined as actual loss of fiber, due to abrasion, from the surface pile of the carpet. Bloomsburg Carpet Ind. warrants to the original commercial purchaser, for a full ten years after proper installation, that the surface pile will not experience fiber loss from abrasion by more than 10% in any area except stairs. Bloomsburg Carpet Ind. will repair any area of the carpet that does not perform as warranted. If repair cannot be reasonably made, then Bloomsburg Carpet Ind. will replace the affected area or reimburse the original purchaser according to the terms set forth under our general terms and conditions. No charges for moving or replacing equipment, furbishing, partitions, etc. will be allowed.


All carpets will mat or crush to some degree, simply because carpet, as a floor covering, is subjected to very high dynamic pressure as people walk on the carpet surface. However, such conditions do not constitute loss in face fiber weight. In addition, this Warrant excludes such things as damage from tears, pulls, cuts, pilling, shedding, burns, pets, chairs with roller coasters, carts with wheels, or damage due to abuse by any athletic equipment such as roller skates, ski boots or golf shoes.

“Watermarking” is a well-recognized optical phenomenon caused by irreversible changes in pile orientation in random areas in cut pile carpets. It can occur in carpets of all fiber types (i.e.; wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc.) and is not considered a manufacturing or fiber-related problem. Hence, Bloomsburg Carpet Ind. does not guarantee that our carpets will not watermark.

Damage caused by improper installation and damage from improper cleaning methods and materials is also excluded


Yes, all rugs are centered both to the pattern repeat and match.

Remnant material is the remaining carpet that was used in the fabrication of your rug.

The only additional cost of including the remnant material is the shipping cost of the extra material.  The remnant material is always shipped separately from the rug to avoid any damage to the rug.

Each of our stock items was specifically assigned the best color match of binding material from the available color library of our suppliers. Check out our rug builder to see the edge finish options. For a fee of $50, we will ship you a sample of binding colors that you specify.

All binding tapes used are 100% cotton.

We use the same yarns used in the background of our carpet when serging if possible.  If the carpet uses a yarn that cannot be serged, we match to the best possible color the same way we do with binding.

It is a non-slip, all-surface rug pad made from post-industrial recycled synthetic fibers with a rubber backing.  It is reversible for use on carpet or hard surfaces.

The rug pad is custom cut to be 1” less than the size of your rug around the perimeter.

Unless specific directions are received, a rug with a width of 7’ or less is shipped via FedEx and a rug greater than 7’ in width is shipped through the lowest cost 3rd party common carrier that services your area.  All rugs are shipped on a sturdy cardboard core.

No, at this time we only offer binding and serging, but we will continue to add services in the future.

No, at this time we only offer square and rectangle shaped rugs.

At this time we are not able to make seams within rugs.

An order can be specified as “expedited” for a cost of $125. This guarantees the rug will ship out within 3 business days from the date of the order (assuming the carpet is in stock).


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