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About Bloomsburg

Our Legacy

Founded in 1976 in Central Pennsylvania by Raymond P. Habib with twelve skilled locals, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries initially comprised a team of 13. Over the years, it has expanded to over 150 personnel, many who are second or third-generation. Today, under the leadership of Raymond’s son Thomas Habib and grandsons Thomas Habib, Jr. and Daniel Habib, it continues as a third-generation family business operating from its original location in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Bloomsburg Carpet remains dedicated to producing high-quality sustainable American-made carpets. With a domestically located plant and a nationwide sales team, it serves clients in residential, commercial, and hospitality markets.

Committed to the heritage of genuine American manufacturing, all Bloomsburg Carpet textiles are crafted in the USA. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment in a modernized solar-powered mill, Bloomsburg Carpet is the only mill in the U.S. with Axminster, Velvet, Wilton and Loc-Weave looms under one roof.

Our Carpets & Rugs Are Proudly Made in the USA

All Bloomsburg Carpet and Flooring products are woven with pride in the U.S.A. Our state-of-the-art carpet mill is located in the picturesque Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania, where the art of traditional rug weaving dates back to the 1800s.

As a result, you can expect unmatched quality control. All of our flooring products are made with the highest grade materials and unmatched attention to detail.

Our employees, many of them third generation Bloomsburg carpet weavers, possess exceptional skill and passion for their work. We see weaving as an art form and are committed to instilling our passion and expertise into everything we create.

With our domestically located plant and our highly trained sales team stretching across the country, we take pride in our ability to offer superior customer service to all of our clients. At Bloomsburg Carpet you never have to worry about overseas shipping costs or delays – we can ship carpet to anywhere in the continental US in as few as 3-5 business days.

We welcome visits to our plant and encourage regular communication throughout the design and production processes to ensure alignment and satisfaction from start to finish. As the only mill with Axminster, Velvet and Wilton weaving under one roof, and the only remaining Axminster mill in the US, our offering is truly unique.

The realities of today’s world have posed challenges for our company and American manufacturing at large. However, we are committed to keeping our weavers working and showing the world the superior beauty and quality of American rug weaving for generations to come.

Our Method

Textile weaving is a method dating back thousands of years in which yarns running in both the warp and weft direction are interlaced to create a fabric, rug or carpet. Today, weaving is still considered the gold standard of residential and high-end commercial carpet manufacturing. Bloomsburg Carpet combines American weaving craftsmanship with premium wool and nylon fibers to create opulent carpet textures & timeless designs that are unparalleled in the industry.

Axminster carpet is produced on a jacquard loom that creates cut pile carpets with an infinite scope of pattern design containing up to 12 colors.

Wilton carpet is also manufactured on a jacquard loom maintaining its inherent design flexibility. By the addition of wires, the Wilton loom can have various carpet pile options including level or multilevel piles, cut and/or loop piles up to 12 colors.

A Velvet loom uses a wire system that allows for a wide variety of texture & color effects that can be produced with loop and/or cut carpet piles of varying heights. Cut-piles are formed by looping yarn over wires and cutting the loop as the wires are removed. A loop velvet weave creates a high and low texture on the weave for an endless variety of patterns.

Our Future

Universally recognized as an industry leader in luxury, quality and innovative carpet design, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries continues to explore new colors, textures and patterns that enhance both traditional and contemporary commercial and residential spaces.

With an eye towards the environment, we continue to utilize raw, sustainable fibers that are ecologically friendly and readily renewable. Shaping these fibers into the world’s most appealing, opulent and resilient floor coverings, Bloomsburg Carpet is setting policies in place among its employees and corporate attitude to keep the tradition of carpet weaving alive and well in the U.S.A. for many more generations.