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Why You Should Invest in Velvet Carpet

If you need a thick, plush, and luxurious carpet, consider investing in velvet. High-quality velvet often outlasts its buyer’s lifetime, lasting from generation to generation and owner to owner.

How is Velvet Carpet Made?

Velvet carpet features high-end, luxurious weaving. In fact, many people consider it one of the most formal types of carpet. All of the benefits of velvet come from its weave. In carpet manufacturing, velvet weaving is actually a rather simple process in comparison to other modern weaving processes. Single and double beam looms allow for time-tested, beautiful products to roll off the manufacturing line at Bloomsburg Carpet in Pennsylvania.

diagram of how velvet carpet is woven

A Single Beam loom generally makes solid-colored carpets, while a Double Beam loom allows for more color and pattern versatility.

Benefits of Velvet Carpet

The simple form of the velvet weave allows for a thick plush product that has many excellent qualities.  It is perfect for soundproofing a large room due to the massive surface area of its thick pile. That same thick pile is great at hiding dirt and known for lasting well beyond a carpet’s normal wear life, making velvet an excellent choice for high traffic public office buildings.

Portion of page 203 Congressional serial set 1902 describing velvet carpet purchase

The US House of Representatives has seen fit to line its chambers with velvet carpet since 1902.

A Luxurious Choice for American Leaders

Velvet has been the choice of the US House of Representatives as far back as 1902. It was in 1902 that The House laid thousands of yards of Wilton and velvet weave carpet throughout its building. They installed it in public, like the House Chambers and the large dining room and dais, where the government may need to make a statement of power and wealth. Additionally, they installed it in more intimate areas, where comfort and quiet were often necessary.

These intimate areas included Committee on Appropriations, Stationary Room, Naval Affairs, House Library, Committee on Military Affairs, Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Ways and Means, the Speakers Private Room. The carpet in the House of Representatives has been described as peacock blue with gold.

Other Notable Areas with Velvet Carpet

Of course, The House of Representatives is not the only building in our Nations’s Capital to use velvet flooring. The Senate Chambers also are carpeted with velvet carpets.  The original Senate Chambers carpet was crimson with gold stars. Of course, at some point, these well-used carpets have been historically reproduced.

The easy to care for, long-wearing nature of plush velvet carpet makes it the perfect flooring choice for offices, as well as public spaces where noise may be an issue such as colleges and libraries.

Are You Ready to Invest?

You can be sure that if your office is in need of velvet carpet, it can be made in the USA by Bloomsburg Carpet, Bloomsburg, PA. Call us today for more information.

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