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Understanding Pitch in Woven Carpet

Carpets and rugs can come in all shapes and sizes depending on where you’re buying them. Despite the large variety of options available to you, all carpets have multiple things in common. One of these things is that they have pitch levels. A carpet’s pitch determines many things about its overall appearance, durability, and feel. Here is some information to help you start understanding pitch in woven carpet.

What is Pitch in a Woven Carpet?

Pitch is the distance between each stitch that is made by a needle. It is used to count the number of tufts per inch on a carpet. Different levels of pitch can lead to different carpet designs. Certain patterns are only possible with a specific number of tufts per inch. A woven carpet has many different designs, each of which is achieved by changing the distance between each stitch.

How Does Pitch Affect a Carpet’s Density?

Carpets can have varying levels of density all of which are determined by a few factors. Generally speaking, the denser a carpet is, the more durable it is. A denser carpet is better at absorbing wear. A dense carpet is also better at returning back to its original state when pressure is applied to it. If you’re looking for a carpet that you expect to receive a lot of traffic then consider buying a denser one. With that being said, a carpet’s pitch can play a heavy part in its density level. Because more material is being used the higher a carpet’s pitch is, the higher the weight and durability of it will be as well.

Weave Structures and Pitch

Different woven carpets will come in different weave structures. Each of these structures can drastically change a carpet’s attributes. The texture, height, and aesthetics of a carpet are determined by the way it is woven. Some of these designs will incorporate different levels of pitch throughout to achieve this. Changing the distance between each stitch after every inch gives it a unique look. All of these different weave structures would be impossible to achieve without a firm understanding of pitch and its uses.

Looking for a Woven Carpet?

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