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The Newest Carpet Trends for 2022

Now that the new year has finally arrived many people are looking to make changes in their lives. Updating yourself and your lifestyle is a great way to keep things fresh and avoid burnout. One of the many projects that you may consider taking up in 2022 is a home renovation. Overhauling your old space will let your home be an exciting and comfortable place to be. With that being said, one of the centerpieces of any building is its flooring. As such putting in the new carpet might be the best change you can make this year. Here are the newest carpet trends for 2022.

Pattern Carpets

Overall carpets tend to be on the plainer side. There is nothing wrong with this if that is the look you prefer, however; it is no secret that a patterned carpet is going to be more interesting for the eyes. If you are tired of the same old mundane house then a unique carpet might be just the spark you need.

If done properly a patterned carpet does not just add flooring to a room, but a piece of art as well. The possibilities are endless meaning that you are bound to find something that resonates with you. On top of this, because of the wide variety of patterned carpets on the market, you won’t have to worry about having the same look like everyone else. If you want your home to have its own personality then a patterned carpet is the way to go.

Don’t be Color Shy

Walls are not the only thing in a house that has to be colorful. Carpet also comes in a seemingly endless amount of colors. If you’re re-painting your walls or are just looking to liven a room up then consider coordinating your walls and your carpet. Buying colors that compliment each other will help bring a room together resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Small Rooms and Daring Carpet

It is common for homeowners to restrain themselves from making their house’s bigger rooms too bold. With that being said, a home’s smaller rooms allow for a bit more experimentation. Trying a crazy rug or carpet out in your bathroom or bedroom allows for creativity and self-expression.

Interested in a Neutral Look?

Bright and colorful carpets are not for everyone. Neutral carpeting brings homes a sense of calm and is a timeless addition to any living space. If this sounds appealing to you then purchase what plays to your tastes. Remember that it is your home and you should settle on something that makes you happy.

Looking for a Great Carpet?

At Bloomsburg Carpet, we pride ourselves on producing environmentally sustainable, beautiful, high-end rugs and carpets of all types and materials. Whether you are a homeowner searching for a CRI certified rug or a business owner looking to improve your building, we can help. Contact us for assistance regarding either commercial or residential carpeting.

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