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How to Recycle Carpet

Did you know that you don’t have to throw your old carpet in the dumpster? Whether you are planning on ripping every bit of carpet from your home or only from a room, you can still keep the environment in mind. Recycling your carpet provides a great way to go green and show the planet some love. Let’s take a closer look at the proper way to recycle carpet.

Why Should You Recycle Carpet?

While placing your old carpet out for curbside pickup can be tempting, throwing your carpet away the traditional way negatively impacts the environment. According to the EPA, 5 billion pounds of old carpeting are thrown into landfills every year. That is an estimated 17 pounds of carpet for every American.

So, what makes carpet bad for the environment? Many carpets are comprised of plastic. When they are sent to the landfill, they could take hundreds of years to break down. When you recycle your carpet with the environment in mind, you are doing your part to save the planet for future generations.

Creative Ways to Reuse Old Carpet

  • Use a piece of carpet for an exercise mat.
  • Trim carpet down to the clean area and bind it into smaller throw rugs.
  • Use portions of old carpet as car mats.
  • Use extra carpet to protect your garage floor from large equipment or vehicles.
  • Kneel on carpet to protect your knees or back when working on your car.
  • Insulate the inside or floor of a child’s treehouse, or even a dog house.
  • On a garden path, you can help prevent weeds from sprouting up with old carpet scraps. Simply turn a few scraps of carpet upside down and cover them up with mulch. This will help stop weeds from crowding up your pathway.

How to Correctly Recycle Carpet

If you are unable to reuse your old carpet, the next best thing is to contact your local solid waste district. Check to see if they have a recycling program for used carpet. Another great alternative is to check your carpet manufacturer to see if they offer a recycling program.

There are also recycling organizations that will pay homeowners to recycle their old carpets. Organizations like Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) pay up to 25 cents per pound for carpets. With a little extra time and effort placed into proper carpet recycling, we can each reduce the amount of trash overflowing our landfills.

Did You Know? Used carpeting cannot be donated because of health concerns. However, if you have unused or new carpet, you can donate it to a charity. Some organizations will arrange to pickups as well.

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