Mark Thomann
Mark Thomann Stuart Jackson, LLC
Acworth, GA 30101
Territories Served:

Georgia, Eastern Tennessee

Businesses Served: Tuva Bloomsburg (Contract)

"Mark C. Thomann is the owner  principal of Stuart|Jackson LLC.   Stuart|Jackson is a unique firm specializing in the protection and re-creation  of historic floors through the preservation of America’s architectural  heritage.  Mark’s passion is historical  preservation; however, Mark’s business experiences have allowed him to become  one of the flooring industry experts on the performance attributes of  commercial flooring products.With over 35 years of experience, Mark has an extensive  manufacturing, technical services, sales and marketing background in commercial  textiles and carpets. 

Mark has been  responsible for the creation and implementation of
several successful business  strategies within the commercial flooring industry.  Mark has been involved in many industry wide  councils concerning the performance testing, construction, and environmental  attributes of commercial flooring products.   Mark has been an industry and company representative to the US Green  Building Council and various environmental protection agencies at both the  state and federal level.  Having been involved in numerous environmental initiatives, Mark’s unique experiences often  stimulates a historical as well as technical approach towards environmental issues  and the impact of flooring products within the interior furnishings  industry.  Mark’s expertise has been  singled out in numerous industry publications.
Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from The  Citadel and a Masters Degree in Heritage Preservation and Public History from  Georgia State University.  Mark continues  his academic goals in the process of earning a Ph.D. in American History with a  concentration on the historyof the American textile industry and the US  Constitution."