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Why Choose Carpet for Your Home Theater?

Home theaters have recently become a highly desired feature in many homes. The entertainment value they provide appeals to an increasing number of homeowners. Additionally, home theaters often contribute to a home’s resale value, making it a positive investment. However, did you know that flooring matters when it comes to home theaters? Carpet for your home theater is generally your best bet for several reasons.

Benefits of Carpet for Your Home Theater

Home theater carpeting plays a huge role in the success of a home theater, not only from an aesthetic perspective but also because of the sound absorbent qualities it can impart. Generally speaking, the benefits of carpet for your home theater include the following.

  • Soundproofing Capabilities
  • A Variety of Styles, Themes, Patterns, and Colors
  • Heat Retention for Maximum Comfort
  • An Element of Luxury
  • Softness Underneath Feet
  • Durability Underneath Heavy Furniture and Equipment

Ideas for Home Theater Carpeting

There are many great options for home theater carpet ideas that not only look beautiful, but that help sharpen the acoustic quality of the room as well. However, it is important to keep a few room factors in mind when making your choice.

For example, the scale and size of a home theater help determine some of the more important design considerations. Larger rooms may experience echo effects from the theater speakers. Fortunately, a soft, plush, velvet carpet helps muffle the echoes of the screen while also blocking out outside sounds.

Additionally, a high-quality carpet provides a luxurious theater ambiance to the room. You can almost imagine that you are spending the night at a show in a large, beautiful building, but from the comfort of your own home!

Make sure you choose a carpet that matches the style or theme of the rest of your home theater. If you tend towards an “exotic” atmosphere, go for a bright carpet with a fun print. If you prefer the environment of a true, classic theater, consider a muted pattern in a classy color, such as red or gold.

Thankfully, most carpet comes in a variety of colors. Choose hues and patterns that provide a bright, theater-like touch. Most of all, you should feel happy in your home theater. After all, it’s all about your personal preferences and desires.

In Summary

Carpet for home theaters is often chosen specifically to capture a certain “feeling” and to evoke a specific emotion. This type of carpeting comes in a wide range of styles and in varying grades and prices. Carpets that are a bit plusher (with a little extra heft) tend to work better in home theaters than their thinner counterparts.

Luxury Carpeting by Bloomsburg Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet offers a number of suitable carpet types. The eye-appeal of Bloomsburg’s Straightaway striped carpeting is striking. The lush, thick, velvety texture feels great underfoot and helps dampen sound for a clearer, cleaner effect.

Homeowners who prefer solid colors can add a contrasting border for a classic, yet dramatic effect.  Bloomsburg’s Axminster weave Crossover Border carpet provides luxurious texture with traditional style.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are considering installing a home theater, please contact us today for your carpeting needs. Bloomsburg Carpet carries the fine, high-quality carpeting that you desire, and your satisfaction is our utmost priority!

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