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What is the raw material for carpet?

If you are looking to install a carpet in a business or a home, then it is important to learn the components that make it up. Identifying the raw materials in a carpet before you buy it is going to help you accurately discern which one you need. For example, if you expect a lot of traffic on your carpet, then buying a more durable material is imperative. If you prioritize comfort, you will want to avoid a few options on the market. Let’s go over the raw material for the carpet so you can find one that is suitable for you.

What is a carpet made of?

A carpet consists of 4 different things. They all work together to achieve a quality look and feel that is both durable and comfortable. Here are the components of a carpet.

Dyed Pile Yarns

Dyed pile yarns are what you see on top of the carpet. They greatly affect the feel of it due to the fact that they are what your feet come into contact with.

A vast majority of pile yarns today are made of synthetic polymer. They are the most cost-effective and durable option on the market. This means that they are a great choice if you are laying down carpet for a business or store.

Wool pile yarns are the second most common option. They are more comfortable than synthetic polymers; however, wool is less durable and more expensive as a trade-off. If you are looking for good material for a home then a woven carpet is the way to go.

Primary Backing

The primary backing material is directly underneath the dyed pile of yarn. It is usually made of polypropylene and serves as your primary line of defense against something heavy. If your primary backing is out of shape then your carpet is going to fail to return to its original position after something heavy was laid on it.

Secondary Backing

Much like the name suggests, the secondary backing is your next line of defense against wear and tear. It is also made of polypropylene and is bound to the primary backing through the use of synthetic rubber latex.


Your carpet’s cushioning is important because it gives you slack to step on. Its padding is what keeps your carpet from feeling like a thin door mat. Cushioning is covered in plastic so it does not come into direct contact with the secondary backing. Your carpet’s cushion is more often than not going to be made up of recycled materials.

Looking for a great carpet?

At Bloomsburg Carpet, we pride ourselves on producing environmentally sustainable, beautiful, high-end rugs and carpets of all types and materials. Whether you are a homeowner searching for a CRI-certified rug or a business owner looking to improve your building, we can help. Contact us for assistance regarding either commercial or residential carpeting.

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