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What is the difference between Axminster and Wilton carpet?

Carpet can be constructed and woven in many different ways. How you stitch them together can determine a lot about how a carpet feels, looks, and how durable it is. Two of the most prominent woven carpets are Axminster and Wilton. Though each of these carpets is woven they still have many differences between them, some of which aren’t immediately obvious. So what are the traits that differentiate the two? Let’s find out!

Axminster Carpet

Axminster carpet is defined by its unique characteristics, the most prominent of which is its loom pattern. As the loom is operated, the yarn is trimmed and clamped into brackets. Once this happens each tuft is then lowered into the carpet face. The tufts are finally placed between the warp threads and are bound tightly by the weft. This attention to detail during weaving helps the Axminster carpet to achieve a high-quality look and feel.

Axminster carpet also excels in color flexibility. It can be made with up to 12 different colors. This allows the customer a great deal of customization when making their purchase. This versatility makes it a great option for hotels, hospitality contract carpeting, or your home.

Wilton Carpet

Wilton carpet is perhaps the most versatile and unique weave structure out of the common ones you’ll find on the market. It can combine the two textures that appear when a carpet is made through all cut or all loop methods. If that’s not your style then you can also just go with either of the two methods by themselves. The carpet can also come in a variety of pitch densities so the customer is granted nearly unlimited design options.

Wilton is a pile carpet. During the construction, the pile is formed by inserting wires in the pile warps of the carpet. After the extraction of the wires, the pile is then looped or cut depending on the design.

Which is Better?

Each carpet has its own characteristics that can make them preferable to one another. Axminster carpet excels in its color options meaning that if you had a specific color in mind for a room then it will be your best place to start. Wilton carpet offers you a ton of variety in its textures and its pitch densities. Each of these carpets is durable and high quality so no matter what you pick you’re bound to get something that can withstand a lot of use. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Because of this, it’s important that you do your research and find a woven carpet that is perfect for you. Contacting a professional can help you determine what you need.

Looking for a Great Carpet?

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