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Design Series: Spotlight on Axminster Carpet

If you are looking for an opulent carpet for a high-traffic area, Axminster carpet is a wonderful option. Long the hospitality carpet of choice, Axminster carpet is ideal for a variety of venues, including hotels, casinos, country clubs, and theaters. Likewise, it makes an excellent choice for homes.

What is Axminster Carpet?

illustration of woven carpet weaveAxminster carpet is produced on a jacquard loom, which creates cut carpet piles with an unlimited scope of pattern. Additionally, a jacquard loom weaves carpet in up to 12 colors. Carpet quality is determined by the number of tufts per square inch, the count or weight of the yarn, and the length of the pile.

Historically, records show that woven carpets like Axminster arrived in England with Flemish immigrants fleeing persecution. Early examples of these carpets bear dates or coats of arms. This allows historians to date the process back to the 16th century.

Of course, the process of hand-weaving symmetrical knots in wool on a weft of flax or hemp became mechanized. In Axminster, England, in 1755, Thomas Whitty founded the process still used today. The Whitty factory produced true Axminster carpets until it closed in 1835. As a result, Axminster has become the generic name for carpets with a pile created by the same technique used to make velvet or chenille.

Bloomsburg owns the only two high-speed Axminster looms in the U.S.A.

Characteristics of Axminster Carpet

You can easily distinguish Axminster carpet from other types of woven carpet. The back of the carpet has a ribbed appearance running through its width. Additionally, Axminster always has a cut pile surface and usually an even height. Its performance capability depends on pile weight and density.

Why Choose Axminster Carpet?

There are many benefits to Axminster Carpet beyond color and design choices. Additional benefits include pattern clarity, ease of maintenance, and sound absorption. Weaving the backing and face in a single process eliminates the potential for de-lamination, which occurs in lower-quality processes. De-lamination can lead to the premature breakdown of the carpet face. Additionally, it can produce ugly lumps and ripples in heavy traffic areas. The singular weaving process creates a thick, strong, durable carpet while still adding beauty.

Bloomsburg’s Gripper-Jacquard looms allow for pinpoint precision design while even the most intricate of patterns run through the entire length of the face fibers. This ensures a longer lifespan for the carpet. Amazingly, a 20-30 year lifespan for custom-designed, high-end Axminster carpets is not uncommon. Even in high-traffic commercial office spaces, the carpet lasts a long time. Benefits of Axminster carpet include modern CAD design and the durability and numerous features engineered into modern fibers.

How Can Bloomsburg Carpet Help You?

There are 3 major types of woven carpet available, and Bloomsburg Carpet is the only American carpet manufacturer to weave all of them at their carpet mill in Pennsylvania. Axminster carpet is one of these beautiful types.

At Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, we produce a highly styled woven carpet of superior quality. We stand committed to the time-honored technique of carpet weaving, as well as the beauty and excellence that this technique creates. Our employees are passionate about the tradition of American manufacturing. Additionally, we are committed to keeping the long history of carpet weaving alive and thriving in the U.S.A.

We stand behind the environmental responsibility of our products while we continue to design and produce with attention towards sustainability.

If you have any further questions regarding our high-quality carpet, do not hesitate to call us today.

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