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What is Amulet Carpet?

Are you in the market for some new carpet? Our specially-woven styles are always classy, relevant, and sophisticated. Additionally, they are durable and hold up well under high foot-traffic. Recently, we have started presenting the Amulet carpet!

What is Amulet Carpet?

The latest addition to the Tuva Bloomsburg collection is Amulet! Its durable cut and loop-woven construction create a plush, luxurious face with metallic highlights. Additionally, it’s 100% solution-dyed nylon provides multiple benefits. Amulet carpet features the hottest commercial color palette while fitting in any commercial space. Available in 7 colorways, this carpet makes a wonderful addition to any style, material, or theme within your home or business.

The style of knotting significant to Amulet carpeting has been around for quite a while. Although it is not a “new” style, its construction is timeless and reliable, producing high-quality, long-lasting flooring.

Check out Amulet for yourself by contacting your local agent, downloading the carpet brochure, or ordering a free sample. Additionally, you can learn more by taking a closer look at the photos below, as well as watching the informational video.


For more information and to view our Tuva Bloomsburg, Silver Creek and Bloomsburg Hospitality product lines visit us at our website!

What is the Mission of Bloomsburg Carpet?

At Bloomsburg Carpet, our team of professionals possesses a passion for beautiful, durable weaving. Our goal is to help you design your dream home with your ideal carpeting or rugs. In addition to Amulet carpeting, we offer numerous styles of carpet and rugs, perfect for every event and style you can think of.

If you have any further questions about the styles we produce or how we can help you, call us today. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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