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Pet Friendly Carpet For Elegant And Productive Living

As the companionship and joy pets bring to our lives increase, so does the trend toward pet ownership. According to the research of the American Pet Products Association, over 66% of American households, or about 86.9 million families, own a pet. This expanding trend underscores the need for homes to be people–and pet–friendly. An essential aspect of a pet-friendly home is having the correct type of carpet. Carpets add warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to any room. However, they can also be vulnerable to pet-related wear and tear, such as stains, odors, and scratches.

Selecting a pet-friendly carpet ensures longevity, maintains the carpet’s appearance, and contributes to a harmonious living environment for everyone in the household, including our four-legged friends. This guide aims to help you choose the best carpet for pets, considering durability, ease of cleaning, and design.

Why Pet-Friendly Carpets Are Important


Furry friends love our carpet as much as humans do! In fact, they are some of our biggest fans. 🐾

Pet-friendly carpets offer a wealth of benefits for pet owners. Firstly, they are designed with durability in mind to withstand the heavy foot (and paw) traffic typical in homes with pets, resisting the usual wear and tear that can result from pets’ playful antics. These carpets also resist staining and odors, offering protection from pet accidents, shed fur, and dander. Furthermore, pet-friendly carpets are constructed with softer, more comfortable materials, providing a cozy lounging area and playground for our beloved animals. 

They also help reduce the noise of scampering paws, contributing to a quieter, more peaceful household. Pet-friendly carpets often come in various colors and patterns that can cleverly mask pet hair, reducing the visible mess and making cleaning tasks more manageable. Investing in a pet-friendly carpet is not just a statement of love for your furry friends but a smart, long-term investment in the comfort and beauty of your home.

Pet-Friendly Carpet Types



Zia Stone Chevron rug

Zia Stone Chevron rug.

Zia Stone Chevron Rug

There are a few basic types of pet-friendly carpets to choose from. Each type offers certain benefits and is suitable for different needs and lifestyle requirements. These carpet types include:

Silver Creek Carpet

The Silver Creep is a plush carpet with a soft texture that provides comfort and warmth. The fibers, made from high-tech polymers, are designed to prevent permanent staining and resist wear and tear caused by pets’ claws, as well as frequent vacuuming. The Silver Creep repels pet hair and dirt particles due to its special surface coat, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Barbara Barry Carpet

The Barbara Barry carpet is a luxurious, textured carpet made from ultra-dense fibers. It is designed for heavy foot traffic from people and pets alike. It also has superior stain resistance, making it ideal for households with active pets that might have accidents or tend to shed fur and dander. This type of carpet gives any room a beautiful, timeless look and feel.

Diamond Fiber Carpet

The Diamond Fiber carpet is tailored to the needs of pet owners. Its special fibers are designed with a robust construction that resists wear and tear caused by pets’ claws. These durable fibers are also highly stain-resistant, removing worries about pet accidents or fur clumps left behind. The carpet comes in various colors and textures, adding style and functionality to the room.

What To Look For In Pet-Friendly Carpets

Modern Lattice carpet

Wool woven carpets, Modern Lattice


Modern Lattice 

When shopping for a pet-friendly carpet, it is important to consider several factors. Here are some tips to ensure you make the best carpet choice for your home and four-legged friends:

Strength And Resistance To Stains

Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing a carpet for a home with dogs. Dogs, especially those of larger breeds or those with high energy levels, can be quite heavy on carpets. From their playful antics to their natural digging instincts, dogs can quickly wear down a carpet not built for such activities. A durable carpet designed to withstand these activities can thus ensure that your carpet remains in good condition and serves its purpose for a longer period of time.

A carpet with high stain resistance can repel these spills, making them easier to clean up and less likely to leave lasting marks or unpleasant odors. A stain-resistant carpet can also maintain its appearance longer, ensuring that your home continues to look its best despite the day-to-day challenges of living with pets.

Simple To Clean 

A low-maintenance carpet is a must in homes with pets. These types of carpets are easy to clean and maintain, making cleaning up after your pet an effortless chore and minimizing the time you spend on tedious tasks such as vacuuming or spot cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to choose carpets with short fibers that are designed to repel pet hair and dirt particles, making them easier to clean.

Resistance To Odor

Pets can bring odors into our homes, whether from the outdoors or accidents when they are still in the potty-training stage. To reduce these odors, look for a carpet with odor-neutralizing properties that get rid of unpleasant smells quickly and effectively. Also, carpets with a fresh scent can help keep your home smelling pleasant and inviting—not like an animal shelter.

Wear And Scratch Resistance

Cats and dogs are naturally curious creatures that like to explore their environment with their paws. This can lead to scratches on carpets, ruining their look and making them look worn and tattered. Look for a carpet that is designed to resist wear and tear from pets’ claws, ensuring that your carpet looks its best even after years of use.

Pet Safety And Comfort

For our furry friends, comfort and safety are paramount. Choose a pet-friendly carpet that is constructed from soft, non-toxic materials and is free of any sharp objects such as staples or broken fibers. This ensures that your pet can enjoy rolling around on the carpet without risking injuries. Also, carpets with anti-allergic properties can reduce irritation for sensitive pets, making them the perfect choice for a comfortable home.

Appeal To The Eye And Camouflage

The look and feel of your carpet is an important factor to consider. Choose a pet-friendly carpet that complements the décor of your home and camouflages pet hair so it doesn’t stand out too much. Carpets with patterns or multiple colors can blend in better with pet fur, making it easier to keep the area neat and tidy.

Environmentally Friendly

Carpets made from natural materials can be a great choice for pet owners who want to minimize their environmental impact. Sustainable carpets are often constructed with natural, non-toxic fibers that are safe for both humans and animals. They also require fewer resources during production, reducing the amount of energy needed to create them.

The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Pet-Friendly Carpet For Your Home

Silver Creek Carpet

Silver Creek Carpet


Silver Creek Carpet

Choosing the right pet-friendly carpet can be beneficial for both you and your pets. Some of the key benefits include:

Lowering Expenses

Investing initially in a high-quality, pet-friendly carpet may seem like a significant expense, but it often amounts to substantial savings over the long run. These carpets are designed with durability and resilience in mind, resisting damage from common pet-related activities such as scratching, chewing, and accidents. This means less frequent replacements, saving you the cost of new carpets and installation every few years. 

Additionally, their built-in stain and odor resistance leads to fewer professional cleaning expenses. Thus, while the upfront cost may be higher, the longevity and low-maintenance nature of these carpets can make them a more economical choice in the long term.

Enhanced Beauty

Pet-friendly carpets are designed to not only look good but also last longer. Their special fibers, such as those in Diamond Fiber carpets, can maintain their beauty for up to 20 years. This means that your carpet will still look great and blend seamlessly with the décor of home despite everyday wear and tear from pets.

Hypoallergenic Components

Carpets made from hypoallergenic components are an ideal choice for pet owners with allergies. These carpets are designed to reduce allergies by trapping dust, pet dander, and other allergens in their fibers before they can be breathed in. This helps keep the air in your home free of irritants that could trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Strengthened Bond With Pets

The right pet-friendly carpet, like Y knot carpet, can help you and your four-legged friends maintain a healthy relationship. The comfort and safety of these carpets make them an ideal choice for pets to play on, lounge around, and sleep in. This, in turn, helps deepen the bond between you and your pet.

How To Install A Pet-Friendly Carpet

Our indoor‑outdoor carpet

Installing a pet-friendly carpet may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Following the steps below should help you install your new carpet in no time:

Cut And Layout Carpet Padding

Start by measuring and cutting the carpet padding to fit your space. Lay it out on the floor with an extra inch of padding extending beyond each wall. This will help you compensate for any potential shifting or shrinking in the future due to temperature changes.

Installing The Tack Strips

Once the padding is laid out, you can continue with the tack strips. These are long strips of thin wood that feature metal tacks on one side and a groove for the carpet to sit in on the other side. Place them around the perimeter of your space, making sure they are firmly attached to the floor.

Attach The Tack Strips

Once the tack strips are properly positioned, proceed by attaching them to the padding. This can be achieved by using a heavy-duty stapler. Carefully staple the padding onto the tack strips, ensuring that each staple is completely embedded within the padding. It is crucial to verify that no staples protrude from the padding since they can potentially lead to injuries.

Cut and Measure The Carpet

Now that the tack strips have been installed, you can start measuring and cutting your carpet. Measure twice to make sure you get accurate measurements, then cut the carpet to size with a sharp blade.

Set The Carpet In Place

You can set the carpet in place by laying it down over the padding and aligning it with the tack strips. You will want to ensure that the carpet overlaps the tack strips slightly on each side. Using a carpet stretcher, pull the carpet towards the wall and press it onto the tack strips.

Attach And Extend The Carpet

Once the carpet is in place, it’s time to secure it. Use a carpet roller or knee kicker to press down any loose areas and ensure that the carpet adheres to the tack strips completely. You can then trim off any excess material along the edges for a more polished look.

Seams And Final Details

To finish off, you should use a carpet seaming iron to fuse the seams and secure them firmly. You may also want to add a few rows of stitches across the perimeter of the room for extra strength. This will help keep your new pet-friendly carpet intact even after many years of use.

Clean And Examine

Give the area a thorough cleaning to remove any debris or dirt that may have been left behind. Once everything is spick and span, take a few moments to inspect the carpet for any problems, such as loose seams or areas where it has not adhered properly. Make sure to address these issues promptly before enjoying your new pet-friendly carpet.

Find Your Ideal Pet-Friendly Carpet Today At Bloomsburg Carpet!

At Bloomsburg Carpet, we have a wide selection of pet-friendly carpets to choose from. Our carpet experts can help you select the perfect one for your home and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for something stylish, hypoallergenic, or budget-friendly, our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best product for your needs. 

See some paw-friendly photos on our Instagram or get our help for carpet installation, and make sure your pet-friendly carpet looks great for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our amazing selection of carpets! With the right kind of carpet, you can give your pet the perfect place to play, rest, and relax.

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