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How to Measure Your Rooms for New Carpet

If you are in the market for new carpet, you are probably trying to figure out how much money it’s…

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Red Loom

The History of the Carpet Loom

The carpet loom plays a huge role in the history of weaving. Even today, Bloomsburg Carpet relies on its looms…

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Purple Casino

Coordinating Colors and Patterns in Carpeting

When carpeting your home, office, or other space, using the same color throughout can look uninspiring. At the same time,…

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Are Luxury Carpet Brands Better for Venues?

Whether or not it’s the focal point of a room, a carpet’s pattern, color, and texture can enhance a design…

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What is LEED-Certified Carpet?

To protect your personal health and ensure you purchase high-quality carpet, it is important to look for LEED-certified products. Not…

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Historic Preservation of America’s Artistic Landmarks – Radio City Music Hall

Historic preservation of America’s most valued artistic, industrial, and political buildings remains crucial to continued landmark tourism and period conservancy.…

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New Zealand sheep grazing

New Zealand Wool: The Perfect Carpet Fiber

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting carpet fiber that both stands the test of time and pleases the…

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Red Casino

The Luxury of Custom Cruise Ship Carpet

Cruise ships are a singular symbol for luxury travel. No longer hosting exclusively niche markets, cruises have become increasingly popular…

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office carpet

Choosing Carpet for Your New Office

So, you’ve settled on a new office location in a busy business district, right across the street from your favorite…

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