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New Zealand Wool: The Perfect Carpet Fiber

illustration the shingle like pattern on of the wool fiber.

This microscopic view of New Zealand wool illustrates the shingle pattern of wool fibers.

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting carpet fiber that both stands the test of time and pleases the eye, consider New Zealand wool. What makes New Zealand wool the perfect carpet fiber, and why is Bloomsburg Carpet so passionate about it? Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes New Zealand Wool the Perfect Carpet Option?

New Zealand wool is not only natural and renewable, it is the most durable fiber you can use in a carpet. The wool fiber is naturally shaped like a roofing tile. Additionally, the wool is naturally resilient, as its shape naturally encourages dirt to remain close to the fiber’s surface. Its natural properties help it bounce back with spring-like qualities, making it crush-proof and vibrant, even underneath the weight of footsteps.

Additionally, natural water-repelling characteristics allow the carpet fibers to retain some moisture. In turn, this carpet resists static build-up.

The same high moisture content makes it fire-resistant. This makes New Zealand wool perfect for formal areas that frequently use large numbers of candles or have large fireplaces.

Wool is also energy-efficient. It uses between one-third and one-sixth of the energy required to produce nylon or polypropylene fibers. Because wool such a good insulator it also helps reduce heating and cooling costs. No matter what weave or pattern you choose, wool carpet made in the USA is a great choice for any home or office.

Well-maintained wool carpet absorbs dirt, dust, and fumes, increasing the quality of your indoor air and lowering noise pollution caused by busy families and the bustling of everyday business.

What Sets New Zealand Wool Apart from Other Wool?

There has been no use of internationally banned pesticides on New Zealand sheep since 1993. Pesticide methods in New Zealand have changed, making the sheep industry there one of the world’s greenest animal production systems. New Zealand wool is also known to be the whitest, cleanest wool in the world. The importance of wool being whiter is that this wool fiber has the ability to accept dyes better. This provides endless choices for color range and pattern diversity in finished carpeting.

Bloomsburg’s New Zealand Wool

When purchasing wool carpet, it is vital to remember that it is best to choose a high-quality carpet cushion due to the expected longevity of the carpet. A good quality padding will not only feel better underfoot but will help silence foot traffic.  You should also remember that it is best to choose a highly qualified installation team who has the experience of installing wool carpets. The American carpet manufacturer Bloomsburg Carpet carefully crafts New Zealand wool for satisfied customers.

If you have any further questions or would like to browse our carpet options, do not hesitate to call us today.

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