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Luxury Carpet Installation: Why Is it Important?

If you are interested in replacing your carpet, you might be wondering about the difference between luxury carpet and economy carpet. While economy carpet serves its purpose, luxury carpet provides warmth, beauty, and long-term resilience no matter where professionals install it. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are the Differences Between Economy and Luxury Carpet?

In contrast to standard cut pile or loop pile carpeting, luxury carpeting is woven using a jacquard loom or special wire system. This type of high-end carpet (made in America) uses sustainable wool and nylon fibers. Then, the loom intricately shapes these fibers into unique colorful patterns and textures.

Additionally, unlike economy carpet, luxury carpet possesses density and soft texture that helps minimize noise and cushion falls.

The Importance of Professional Installation for Luxury Carpet

Upon finalizing your purchasing decision, the key to satisfaction with your carpet lies in the installation process. Proper installation of luxury carpeting goes beyond the measuring and cutting that is a part of standard carpet installations.

For optimum satisfaction with your luxury carpet, hire a professional installer who possesses Natural Fiber Installation Certification (NFIC). This certification ensures that technicians receive proper training to install high-end carpeting constructed of woven and tufted wools. As a part of the certification process, technicians receive detailed training on seam preparation, stretching techniques, and pattern matching procedures. Each of these techniques provides installers with an intensive level of training. Then, they possess the preparation to properly install the highest quality woven carpets in the industry.

Other Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Installer

NFIC requires a technician to complete hands-on training at an authorized training school while passing a written test. Additionally, applicants should possess a minimum of 4 years of approved industry experience. Upon completion of course requirements and the written test, individuals become qualified to install Axminster, Velvet, Wilton, and tufted wool carpeting.

The professional installation of your luxury carpeting plays a key role in your satisfaction with your purchase. Employing a certified professional will maximize the benefits of your investment.

How Can Bloomsburg Carpet Help?

At Bloomsburg Carpet, our team of professionals values high-quality, long-lasting, beautiful carpet. The mission of our certified carpet installation team is to install your luxury carpet efficiently and carefully. Your satisfaction is our priority! Contact us today to learn more about our carpet options and the importance of professional carpet installation.

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