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High End Commercial Carpet Installations By Bloomsburg Carpet

Business aesthetics are meticulous. Every detail—from furniture to lighting—contributes to your company’s professional image. High-quality commercial carpet installation is very important as a result.. It adds visual appeal and practical benefits like noise reduction, comfort, and durability. 

When it comes to finding the perfect high-end commercial carpet installation, Bloomsburg Carpet Installation Services stands out as a trusted name in the industry. With our impeccable craftsmanship and a wide range of luxurious carpet options, we can transform your business into a sophisticated and welcoming space that leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Check out our commercial carpet selection and our hassle-free installation process today!

What To Consider When Choosing A Quality Carpet 

When choosing a quality carpet for your business, several factors should be taken into consideration. These factors will help ensure that you select a carpet that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but also fulfills the functional requirements of your commercial space. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a carpet for your businesses:

Durability And Performance

The carpet’s performance and durability are two crucial aspects to think about. Even with plenty of people walking on it, a high-quality carpet will keep looking great for a long time. Nylon and polyester, for example, are  long-lasting and thus well-suited to heavily-traveled areas. Natural fabrics, such as wool, aren’t as long-lasting but have their own distinct look and feel. You should think about your wants and preferences before settling on a carpet.

Fiber Type

The fiber type used in a carpet influences its appearance, feel, and maintenance requirements. There are two primary fiber types used in carpets: synthetic and natural fibers. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and olefin are more affordable, easy to maintain, and offer a wider range of colors and styles. Natural fibers like wool and silk are more luxurious but more expensive and require special maintenance.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Carpets are high-maintenance flooring options, so you should consider their cleaning and upkeep needs before buying. Regular vacuuming of carpets is recommended to remove dirt and debris that might lower the carpet’s performance and quality. Carpets made of materials other than nylon and polyester, such as wool, should be cleaned using only specially designed products. Pick a carpet that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Style And Design

A carpet’s pattern and color scheme can have a major effect on the room’s aesthetic. Different types of carpets have different textures and patterns, such as those that are textured, looped, or cut pile. Choose a carpet that works with the existing furniture and décor of the room. You can make a statement with vibrant colors and patterns or keep things subtle with more muted tones. Some patterns used in commercial areas are stripes and abstract designs.


Think about how you’ll be installing the carpet. Depending on the carpet and the flooring below, the carpet can be glued down, stretched over a pad, or stapled down. In order to avoid accidents and damage to the rug, it is advisable to have a professional install it.


Lastly, remember to keep your budget in mind while looking for a carpet. The price of a carpet can vary widely depending on factors such as its size, design, and quality of construction. Selecting a carpet that is both high-quality and affordable is ideal. Buy a high-quality carpet that will last a long time and won’t break the bank.

Common Issues With Poor Quality Carpet Installations

Poor quality carpet installations can lead to a range of issues that can negatively impact the carpeted space’s overall appearance, functionality, and durability. Some common issues associated with poor-quality carpet installations include:

Uneven Or Improperly Stretched Carpet

The installation process is not complete until the carpet has been stretched to verify that it is taut, flat, and firmly bonded to the tack strips. If the carpet is not stretched and secured correctly, it may develop surface flaws like wrinkles, ripples, or bulges. These problems detract from the carpet’s aesthetic value, but they also pose safety risks and speed up the carpet’s deterioration.

Loose Or Frayed Edges

To avoid fraying or loosening over time, carpet edges must be properly secured and finished during installation. The carpet is affixed to the tack strips around the room’s perimeter, and any excess is trimmed away with a carpet trimmer. If this procedure is not carried out properly, the margins of the carpet may become loose or frayed, which is both dangerous and unsightly.

Incorrect Seams And Seam Visibility

When placing carpet in a larger room or an area with an irregular shape, it may be necessary to sew together two or more pieces of carpet. Seaming correctly entails matching the carpet edges, cutting them to create a tight fit, and securing the pieces with seaming tape and a hot seaming iron. Seams that aren’t aligned or sealed properly give the product an unfinished, sloppy look. A badly crafted seam is also more likely to wear, tear, and unravel.

Poor Carpet Alignment And Pattern Matching

Correct alignment and pattern matching are crucial to the overall aesthetic appeal of patterned or directed rugs. Inconsistencies in pattern placement or separation of carpet pieces may include random or mismatched designs, off-kilter lines, and gaps between two sections of carpet. This will give the room an unfinished or sloppy look and also show that the installer lacks experience in laying patterned carpets properly.

Inadequate Subfloor Preparation

It is essential to properly prepare the subfloor before adding carpet to guarantee a firm, level surface. The subfloor may need to be cleaned,patched, and any  moisture problems need to be fixed. Uneven or unstable carpet installation, soft areas, and moisture-related issues like mold and mildew growth are all possible outcomes of improper subfloor preparation. These problems might weaken the carpet’s foundation and lead to early deterioration.

Inadequate Carpet Cushioning

The underlay, or padding, in a carpet is essential to the carpet’s functionality and comfort. It helps keep the carpet in place, increases warmth and noise absorption, and decreases wear and tear over time. Reduced comfort, inadequate sound absorption, and premature fiber wear are all possible outcomes of using low-quality or insufficient cushioning. Some padding materials for commercial carpets include rubber or Polypropylene, and using bad-quality urethane foam and felt may cause problems.

Lack Of Proper Transition And Trim Installation

When changing from one type of flooring to another or finishing off a carpeted area, transition strips, and trims make the transition look smooth and professional. In addition to keeping the carpet edges safe, they also prevent people from tripping over them. Lacking transition strips or having them done improperly can leave a room looking unfinished and could be dangerous.

Insufficient Attention To Detail And Cleanliness

The final appearance of the carpet installation can be compromised by paying insufficient attention to detailing and cleanliness. Debris under the carpet, not tidying up the place beforehand, leaving scraps under, or obvious installation markings like seam lines or tool indentations can result from sloppy work. The quality and look of the carpeted area as a whole may suffer as a result of these problems.

Installation Process And Tips To Make It Easier 

The carpet installation process can be made easier and more successful by considering pre-installation and post-installation techniques and using the right tools and equipment.

Bloomsburg Carpet’s professional installation tips include:

  • Measure the area to determine the size of the carpet you need.
  • Calculate how much material, such as cushioning or transition strips, you will require for the installation.
  • Remove all current flooring and any debris in the work area prior to starting installation.
  • Cut and lay out your carpet in its designated area.
  • Secure your carpet with the appropriate fasteners and tack strips around the edges of the space.
  • Stretch the carpet to ensure it is taut, flat, and firmly bonded to the flooring surface using a power stretcher or knee kicker.
  • Trim away any excess carpet material with a sharpened utility knife or trimmer.
  • Install transition strips, trims, and cushioning to complete the installation process.
  • Vacuum and clean up any excess materials left over from the installation.
  • Inspect your work to ensure all seams are secure and properly aligned, as well as that all edges have been finished off with transition strips or trims.

Understand The Cost Of Professional Versus DIY Installation

The cost of a professional carpet installation or doing it yourself will depend on various factors. It is highly recommended to consider all these factors to ensure cost-saving, time savings, and an excellent outcome. Below are a few factors that affect the cost of installation:

Professional Installation

People usually think that this type of installation will cost more,however, that’s a myth. Professional carpet installation like Bloomsburg Carpet is always preferable and recommendable for excellent outcomes. The cost of professional installation includes the following:

Labor Cost

The price of labor, which is normally included in the total for professional carpet installation, can vary widely depending on factors, including the square footage to be covered, the degree of difficulty of the installation, and the going rate in the region. This expense accounts for the skill, time, and effort put in by experts to guarantee a superior end result.

Expertise And Experience

Floor preparation, correct stretching, seam sealing, and transitioning between different kinds of flooring are just some of the issues that professional installers are equipped to handle. Their knowledge and experience, like at Bloomsburg Carpet, ensure a carpet is installed without a hitch, lasts for years, and looks great.


Installation services that are serious about their work will stand behind it with a warranty or guarantee. This can help alleviate concerns and safeguard against faulty installation. If difficulties occur because of an installer’s mistake, the company may fix or replace the broken parts at no extra charge to the customer.

DIY Installation

If you are equipped with the skills and best tools and decide to take on the task of installing the carpet yourself, it is important to understand the cost associated with the project. The cost for DIY installation includes the following:

Cost Of Materials

DIY carpet installation requires the purchase of the carpet itself, as well as padding, adhesives, tapes, and any other tools or materials you may need. The carpet’s quality and the size of the room it will cover will determine the final price. DIY installation can save money on labor, but it’s important to consider the total cost of materials.

Tools And Equipment

The hardware needed for a do-it-yourself installation must be purchased or rented. Tools for laying carpeting include the carpet knife, knee-kicker, carpet stretcher, adhesive or tape applicator, and so on. When deciding between a do-it-yourself installation and hiring a professional, it’s important to factor in the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment.

Risks And Potential Issues

It’s risky to attempt an installation without first consulting a specialist. An unpleasant result may occur if the carpet is stretched or placed incorrectly, if seams are evident, or if the carpet was cut unevenly. And if something goes wrong during a DIY installation, the homeowner may have to pay for it out of pocket if the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover it. The hazards and difficulties of a do-it-yourself installation must be weighed against the advantages of employing a professional.


Get the Look You Want with Bloomsburg High-End Carpets!

When choosing the right high-end commercial carpet installation for your business, there are several key considerations you must make. Quality is key, and understanding some of the common issues that arise from poor-quality carpet installation will help you avoid them. While you can install the carpet yourself, if you lack skills or don’t have enough time to spend, then consider professional assistance from Bloomsburg Carpet! Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and superior customer service. We are known for offering the most innovative carpeting in the industry, from beautiful patterned carpets to timeless classics, all at an affordable price. Contact us today for a consultation and start your carpet journey today!

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