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Considering Carpet for Your Room Renovation

When renovating one’s home, high-quality carpeting plays a major role in establishing the room’s overall look and feel. It can also provide the inspiration for a room’s color scheme, decor accents, select furniture, and accessories. While you may be debating between hardwood and laminate, consider a few reasons you should choose carpet for your next room renovation.

Why Should You Choose Carpet for Your Room Renovation?

While every flooring type has its pros and cons, carpet can change the entire feeling of a room. Because it covers so much surface area, it possesses the power to add warmth, coziness, and atmosphere to a room. The following are 8 reasons to consider carpet for a room renovation.

  • Style

With the myriad of cuts, patterns, and colors available, there are unlimited possibilities to satisfy any desired style statement, whether contemporary or traditional, dramatic or subtle, etc. High-quality carpet has what it takes to pull the look together. Style plays a particularly big role in entertainment rooms, such as the living room, home theater, or game day room.

  • Sound Buffering

A well-made carpet has the capacity to absorb sound. Carpeting with padding underneath further enhances this ability. Not only is this an excellent quality for bedrooms (hello to a better night’s sleep), but it also keeps the sound from your television from penetrating into other parts of the house.

  • Energy Conservation

High-end carpet has the potential to make a major contribution to the insulation of any room’s environment. It insulates floors and also provides a psychological feeling of warmth. Additionally, carpet absorbs heat, meaning your heater does not have to work as hard. Not only does this reduce energy waste, but it also cuts down on your monthly heating bill during colder months.

  • Safety

Falls most often happen on tiled or wooden floors. Carpeting adds traction and substantially reduces the risk of falls. This is particularly important for homes with very young or elderly occupants.

  • Health Benefits

High-quality carpet can trap dust and other allergens holding them in place until it is vacuumed. However, keep in mind that this only improves your indoor air quality if you regularly clean your carpet. Otherwise, the pollutants begin cycling through the air again, causing health risks.

  • Maintenance

Carpeting requires less effort to maintain than hard surface flooring. Hard flooring often becomes scratched and requires refinishing, particularly if you have pets with sharp claws. As a whole, carpet maintenance costs less money than hardwood maintenance, simply because you do not have to refinish it.

  • Appearance

Carpeting has the potential to unify the décor of any room with patterns, textures, pile heights, and colors. High-end carpeting can create virtually any look you want.

  • Feel

The soft, tactile feel of high-quality carpeting creates a cozy atmosphere in any room, enabling one to toss a pillow down and curl up to read a book or sit in front of a fireplace in complete comfort. Never underestimate the importance of atmosphere to a home’s comfort.

Want to Learn More?

Bloomsburg Carpet carries an extensive line of high-quality carpet in a wide array of colors and patterns. If you are interested in learning more about our beautiful, high-quality carpet, do not hesitate to call us today.

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