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Bloomsburg Your Ultimate Guide to Carpet Padding in 2021

When you’re thinking of taking your office, hotel, or event space to the next level, you’re probably thinking about the carpet itself-the vibrant, red pattern everyone sees when they walk in the door. With everything opening back up, your commercial space is going to see a lot of foot traffic. Here’s your ultimate guide to carpet padding.

Why Carpet Padding Matters for Your Business

Your carpet padding plays a vital role in maintaining your carpet. Without it, there will be more wear and tear, shortening the life of even the best quality carpets. If you have to keep throwing out and replacing the carpet, those little extra costs add up fast. The pad should create a barrier that protects the longevity of your new carpets. 

In addition, a solid pad creates more cushion for feet, and you don’t want the most memorable thing from the corporate event hosted in your hall to be how sore everyone’s feet were. They also act as a sound barrier, so people in the first-floor dining room don’t have to hear everything going on upstairs.

So how do you choose a good carpet pad for your business’s needs? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to carpet padding for your space.

The Most Common Padding Materials

Carpet pads are made with various materials such as polyurethane foam, memory foam (yes, like your mattress!), or rubber “waffle” padding. The waffle padding tends to be much thinner than the first two. We generally recommend synthetic felt or a thicker rubber pad for most commercial spaces. A thinner option like the waffle can lead to more wear and damage to your carpets. 

The Right Carpet Pads Can Ease Allergy Symptoms

Carpet pads get a bad rap when it comes to allergies, but the truth is that you can actually reduce common allergens with the right carpet padding. We recommend going with more synthetic materials to avoid triggering rashes or other allergic symptoms. 

Good Carpet Pads are Sustainable

At Bloomsburg, we’re committed to doing our part for the planet, and we hope you are, too. The good news is your eco-friendly initiatives don’t have to be at odds with quality materials. There are plenty of high-performing, green options for padding the carpets at your corporate office or event space. 

Never Lay a New Carpet Over an Old Pad

Seriously, this is a deadly carpeting sin. If you are getting a new carpet, you need to buy new padding. Laying a new carpet over the old pad will give it an unsightly, bubbly appearance and can even ruin your brand new carpets. Seriously, we say this so much we probably say it in our sleep: don’t do it!

We know purchasing the right carpets for your corporate office or event space can be a hassle. We’re here to help you streamline the process with high-quality woven rugs, carpets, pads, and maintenance tips. Contact an agent today to create custom carpeting designs for your next renovation project. 

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