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A Glossary of Carpet Terms

Carpet contains many different words and phrases that you may not have heard of before. This can lead to confusion for the consumer if they aren’t familiar with what the seller is talking about. A basic understanding of the different terms associated with carpet can help a buyer and seller communicate better. This, in turn, can help ensure that a customer knows exactly what they’re looking for when buying a carpet.

Abrasive Wear

Whenever a carpet experiences heavy foot traffic, it suffers damage from friction. This repeated friction causes wear and texture change to the surface. 


Anti-static is a carpet’s ability to get rid of the electric charge built up in the fibers before someone feels a shock from stepping on it.


This is the method by which a carpet was manufactured. An example of different types of construction is woven, tufted, and bonded. It can also refer to other aspects of the carpets specification, such as density or method of dyeing. 


Refers to the amount of yarn per area of the carpet. 

Face Weight

The ounces of fiber per square yard in the face of the carpet is its face weight. The face weight can affect the overall durability and performance of the carpet. Unlike density, face weight is something that is directly related to the height of the carpet. 


The backing is the yarn and fabric that is on the side of the carpet, which rests on the floor.

Color Matching

In order for the color and shade of a carpet to properly match, they need to be specifically tested for a couple of things. The light in which both of them are going to be under is an important factor when it comes to matching. The surface and the texture also need to complement each other. 

Color Fastness

The ability for carpet fiber to retain its color even after being exposed to vibrant light, water, and atmospheric conditions.


The cushion is the material placed under the carpet in order to help increase its comfort levels. It contributes to a softer feel, along with creating more padding between your feet and the base flooring. 


Density is the amount of yarn per area of the carpet. Higher density helps prevent things such as your carpet matting up or losing its texture. 


Fading is the loss of color a carpet experiences after being exposed to the sun or natural light. Fading also occurs whenever carpet is exposed to certain chemicals such as bleach and other household products. 


Fiber is the base material in the carpet that determines the way it feels and performs. Carpet fibers include nylon, polyester, cotton, acrylic, and wool. Carpet fibers also can be made up of recycled materials. 

Hybrid Carpet

Whenever two or more yarns are used together in the construction of the carpet, then it is considered hybrid. 


Matting is deterioration to a carpet that is caused by heavy traffic or dirt. 

Patterned Loop

A patterned loop occurs when a carpet is woven to include a random loop pattern or design. 


Also known as the face of the carpet, the pile is the visible surface of a carpet that is facing away from the floor. 

Power Stretcher

A power stretcher is a tool used to install carpet where its main job is to prevent wrinkles and ripples from forming on the surface. 


The ability of the carpet to return to its original state upon being stepped on or compressed by the weight of a table or sofa. 

Texture Retention

Texture retention refers to the carpet’s memory. This memory should allow a carpets tuft to remain consistent even after heavy usage. 

Woven Carpet

Woven carpet is produced on a loom and is generally more expensive than standard carpet. Being woven like this allows for the carpet to have more intricate patterns along with colored textures. 

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